Cybersecurity Management


Map emerging cybersecurity laws, rules and requirements to your company’s needs


Leverage real-time dashboards and model-based compliance requirements to manage & mitigate your cybersecurity risks


Comply with California’s cybersecurity requirement to implement the Center for Internet Security’s 20 CSC Controls

CSC Controls

20 CSC Controls are the baseline of Align’s Cybersecurity Management. Align is licensed by the Center for Internet Security to provide the 20 CSC Controls


Build on the experience of the Cybersecurity, Technology, Compliance, Legal, experts who create Align cybersecurity models

Other Standards

Eliminate cross-standard duplication. Align maps your PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ITAR, NIST etc. standards to the 20 CSC Controls


Pull and analyze third party cybersecurity product data outputs into a central hub


Involve cybersecurity responsibilities across Business Leadership, Security, Compliance, IT, HR, Legal, Operations & Communications

Workflow Management

Use best-in-class workflow management to create & manage tasks

Evidence Capture

Create & manage documents. Capture evidence from 3rd party technologies into verifiable logs


Provide real-time, understandable data/analytics dashboards to all levels of business needs


Budget and manage your cybersecurity costs and resources